Design: The Azimut 55S features a modern and sporty design characterized by clean lines, a distinctive bow shape, and large windows that provide ample natural light and stunning views from the interior.

Performance: Equipped with powerful engines, the 55S offers impressive speed and agility on the water. It is designed for both cruising and more spirited performance, making it suitable for a range of boating experiences.

Spacious Layout: The yacht offers a spacious and well-designed interior layout, with various configurations available. It typically includes comfortable cabins, a fully equipped galley, a salon area, and multiple bathrooms. The interior is often crafted using high-quality materials and finishes.

Outdoor Living Spaces: The Azimut 55S is designed to maximize outdoor living. It typically features a large aft cockpit with seating, a dining area, and sunbeds. The forward area may include additional sunbathing spaces and a seating area. Some models may also have a flybridge with additional seating, a wet bar, and a helm station.

Technology and Entertainment: The yacht often incorporates advanced technology systems, including navigation and entertainment systems, to enhance the onboard experience. This may include state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, touchscreen controls, and other modern conveniences.

Performance and Handling: The Azimut 55S is designed to offer a smooth and comfortable ride, even at high speeds. It typically features advanced hull design, stabilization systems, and other technologies that contribute to stability and maneuverability.


Please note that the specific specifications, features, and layout of the Azimut 55S can vary depending on the year of production, optional upgrades, and individual customization. To get detailed and up-to-date information about the specific boat you are interested in, it’s best to refer to the official Azimut Yachts website or consult with an authorized Azimut dealer.

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